Top Trends & Google Ranking Factors to Focus for Better SEO

Google regularly updates its search algorithm to provide the best relevant results for queries to users. In order to avoid a drop in rankings, your website must be compliant with the Google algorithm’s latest update. If you haven’t been doing it yet then an experienced SEO agency will help you do it. Additionally, the good news is that you can go through this guideline of Google Ranking Factors 2022, which is based on various sources in the SEO industry.

Additionally, the Core Web Vitals might have had the most impact in 2021– not just on basic SEO, but also on web design & development and user experience. Which makes you, your webmaster, or SEO agency focus on factors other than on-page optimization. As an SEO marketing strategy is a continuous work, in simple words it is no break commitment.

In this blog, we’re going to help you stay ahead on SEO factors and trends for better growth of your website.  

Basic Google Ranking Factors

The basic strategy to rank higher on Google for any website is to follow Google guidelines and make your website compliant with all factors. However, SEO agencies are always up to date to provide SEO services to boost the rankings of their client websites. We’ve summarized various crucial ranking factors that you need to know to rank your website higher in 2022:

1. On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO services help your website make visible or known to Google. It is obvious that without target keywords in Titles, descriptions, and overall content, it is almost impossible to get ranked on top. As reliable SEO agencies understand that content is King, it is crucial to write and optimize content with header tags and meta tags to attract Google bots.

Moreover, in order to rank better for targeted keywords; updated content, titles, descriptions, and H1 tags are more than important. As it is a complex process, most website owners tend to hire offshore SEO services to get better SEO performance.

2. Unique & High-Quality Content

If you’re reading this article then you’re doing some research about SEO, and you must’ve read somewhere that “Content is king”. In the case of keyword rankings on Google and factors, Content is the #1 factor of optimization. 

If you successfully create unique and helpful content that brings simplicity with information, then Google ranks it higher on SERPs (search engine result pages). 

If you can create content that’s unique, fresh, and helpful for users, then Google will rank it higher on its search engine page results (SERPs). It is the top priority of Google to analyze the content quality, if it does not provide value to users then it is not possible to get high rankings. 

How to write up to Date and Fresh Content?

The best way to keep your content valuable and the best quality is to keep it up to date and fresh. It is a  positive signal to search engines when valuable information is regularly added to the content. However, it is important to understand the freshness of a topic, fresh content means the latest trend.

Google always looks for updated information and loves pages that provide updated content about a topic. The best way to research for fresh content is to use Google Trends. Which can help you to optimize the landing pages of your business website. 

Moreover, the content should be specific. For example, if your business is based in Cincinnati, then it would be preferred to be optimized with Cincinnati SEO Company.

3. Mobile User Experience:

As mobile users are increasing day by day, Google started to prioritize mobile user experience last year with the rollout of Mobile-First Indexing (MFI) last March 2021. This simply means that now Google will be prioritizing indexing and rankings of a website based on web design, mobile user experience, and friendliness.

In the future updates of the Google algorithm, websites that are less mobile-friendly with poor user experience will suffer more in the rankings during 2022. 

What you can do to prepare your website:

4. Backlinks

After the great quality content, the remaining part of the booster factor is backlinks and an off-page optimization strategy. Backlinks define the credibility and worth of your website and are the most important part of with Google algorithm, good backlinks help index new pages faster. The process of indexing and rankings of content or websites gets faster with relevant and authentic backlinks. 

Additionally, inbound links help new visitors to your website also, if they come from a high-authority page, then it also lets you rank well in search results. For example, SEO Services for Family law will include law-relevant backlinks.

Nowadays, as Google understands unnatural or spammy links, it has become important to acquire niche relevant backlinks. Developing strategies to earn natural backlinks is a must to keep your website growing.

5. Website Security

Website security is the top factor of keyword rankings on Google, if the website is not secure to visitors Google tends to de-rank it if it has good rankings. You also need to make sure that your website has HTTPS protocol, which encrypts data between your browser and the website.

Google has already confirmed that HTTPS is a ranking factor, so it is a crucial step to secure your website with an SSL certificate. 

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