Manual SEO Audit Service

Technical SEO Audit and site Analysis by dedicated Rozefs SEO Expert

What is the Purpose of an SEO Audit

The key purpose of a technical SEO Audit is to analyze the issues in websites that are very basic, and are affecting overall search engine visibility. The first step in the auditing process is to identify the errors & issues in the website, then create an SEO plan of action to overcome these issues. Our technical SEO audit service not only provides the site analysis & issues to fix, but it also provides auditing purposes to help your website to be up to date for better search engine visibility. Moreover, it is the first step to start an effective SEO strategy for your business website for services or ECommerce website for products.

Technical SEO Audit

Our technical SEO Audit will help you overcome the following issues in your website:

  • Perform Audit for Technical On-Page SEO issues
  • Website structural issues Audit
  • On-page SEO issues Audit
  • Identify Potential off-Page SEO problems
  • Analyze User experience issues
  • Explore Content gaps and opportunities
  • Check Google Penalties on your Website

SEO audit is a recommended basic procedure to keep a “health check” for your business website SEO on regular basis.

seo audit service for websites

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