Reasons your Website Is Not visible on Google

If you’re looking for reasons your website is not visible on Google, then you’re at the right place. If you’ve developed a website to attract quality visitors on your website, but it is not happening for some reason. Then it naturally comes to your mind “What can I do to show up my Website on Google”. Well, there are several reasons that could cause it ignorable to search engines.

1. Your Website is Relatively New

One of the reasons why your website is not visible in Google or any search engine is that it is new and it is in still the crawling and indexing process. Once Google gets to detect your website and pages are indexed properly then your website will be visible on search engines.

2. Google Has Not Indexed Your Website Yet

In order to start the indexing process, the first step is to create and submit sitemap.xml in the Google search console. After sitemap submission, Google crawlers will take some time to get to know your website. Moreover, make sure that your website is doesn’t block Google crawlers.

3. Search Engines Are Unable to Index Your Pages

Another reason for no visibility after a long time could that your website be unknowingly blocking search engine crawlers with no noindex metatag to webpages. As noindex clearly describes to search engines to do not index this page.

The solution to this issue is to remove no index tags and turn on search engine visibility to web pages. Moreover, you can also check the page with noindex in the Google search console.

4. You’re Blocking Search Engines From Crawling Your Web Pages

If you’re new to search engine optimization then you must know about robots.txt file. This file allows you to control the crawling of your entire website. You can also specify certain pages that you desire not to be indexed or crawled in this file. In case your website’s robot.txt file doesn’t include sitemap.txt then indexing and crawling will be impossible.

How to make sure Google is able to crawl your website?

  • Make sure your website has a sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console.
  • Make sure there are no submitted URL blocked by robots.txt errors in the Google Search Console coverage report.

5. There Aren’t Enough High-quality Backlinks on Your Site

If you’re looking to optimise your website then you must know that number of quality website linking to your website matter the most. In simple words, organic rankings depend on links than any other factor. With more relevant backlinks your website earns the trust of Google, as they also provide the base to rank for target keywords.

However, the question is how does Google determine whether a link is relevant or not or it is either high quality or low quality? Google algorithm uses more than 200 factors to determine where your website should rank for any keyword.

If the niche of your website belongs to a highly competitive industry, then it is certain that the keywords you’re using in your content, your competitors are also using. Due to extreme competition of keywords, many website owners make the mistake to rank for high difficulty keywords. As it becomes impossible to beat a competitor who is working for years and is qualified to deserve a top position for a particular keyword.

Therefore, it is also possible that your website has no issue, but the level of competition in the industry is super extreme to rank for a keyword.


If your website is not visible n search engines such as Google, then there are some possible issues that you need to take care of. This article helps you to identify multiple factors that could be the possible reason of your website’s invisibilty. You can try and explore each factor and try to resolve the indexing issue, if it still presists then you can seek help SEO experts who deeply understand the possible issues and the process of SEO.

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