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How SEO Services can Help Your Business Grow?

Implementing effective SEO Plans & SEO strategies to grow your small to medium-sized business shouldn’t feel like guesswork. It is the most important part we do to research and lay the groundwork. You’ll start seeing results that speak for themselves, as all the needs of your website will be taken care of perfectly. All you have to do is select fixed-price affordable SEO packages services that fit your small to medium-sized business’s needs. The monthly plan pricing or annual SEO packages prices for an SEO business pro plan could be variable according to the niche of your website. Moreover, the average monthly cost of an SEO package may differ for a new website than a website that is indexed for some keywords. A new website requires a process of being indexed to search engines, which takes time and a lot of effort in terms of SEO. 

Our SEO services plans are designed to increase your web traffic, improve local rankings, and your sales & lead conversion rates. We achieve these goals with SEO strategies that help the keywords grow, by making your website visible on the top positions of SERP. Our affordable SEO packages are designed for constant SEO growth to establish rapid growth at custom prices. You simply have to pick your preference – we’ll create and customize an SEO campaign that suits your needs and goals!. Moreover, an ideal goal for an SEO plan would make your website completely Google-friendly. Which includes optimized content, error fixing & strong relevant link-building campaigns. 

SEO Packages Pricing Plans

Custom SEO plans will be Designed as per Request!

Basic SEO Plan

Basic SEO Plan - Monthly Packages Pricing

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • On-Page Recommendations


Pro Business SEO Plan

Complete SEO Package Solution - Pricing

  • Complete Keyword Research [Focus, Synonyms and LSI Keywords]
  • Complete Website Auditing
  • Error Fixing of the website 
  • Powerful Link Building
  • Niche Relevant Off-Page Optimization
  • Complete On-Page Optimization
  • SEO Optimized Content Writing for Priority Pages
  • Image Optimization
  • Page Speed Optimization


SEO Annual Plan

Basic SEO Package - With On Page Pricing

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • On-Page Recommendations
  • Complete On-Page Optimization
  • One content for Homepage


What’s included in each SEO Upgraded Pricing plan?​

The SEO plans are developed with what is currently working for our present clients. If you are a small business and want to boost your business then your website must be perfect. To achieve good results your SEO packages must be suitable for your website to have progress. SEO content, quality link building, and on-page optimization make your website perfect to outrank competitors. Moreover, each SEO package covers the elements that help to gain keyword ranking and traffic. Moreover, there are two main SEO monthly packages with given prices, the basic plan is for simple blogs, the business plan is for business websites. Also, the SEO business pro package is a professional SEO plan for websites with higher competition that provide services or products online. So, it is a big challenge to get ahead of the competitors and grab maximum potential clients for your website.

The SEO process is a slow process, as it is your website vs your competitors who are also putting the SEO efforts for their business. So, it would be our job to not only make your website perfect for the potential visitors but also get ahead of your competitors. With time your website will be having better indexing of keywords and improved conversions. Here is what each of our SEO packages includes:

Dedicated Project Manager

As constant coordination is required for all SEO-relevant activities. You will also have a dedicated SEO Project manager for your SEO project. Who will be keeping you updated with SEO work going on your website.


It is important to analyze the goals and objectives of your business and website. We will be thoroughly analyzing the competition and required SEO work accordingly. This SEO analysis will put in the right direction of SEO efforts and get the deserving results.

Website Visibility Audit

Detailed SEO audit is the base of SEO services for your website. It covers the points where the website lacks. It allows us to focus on the weak spots to make the website much better. The SEO audit includes the analysis of traffic, keyword positions, on-page & off-page work, and many other factors. We focus on all the factors that Google takes into consideration for keyword rankings.

Monthly SEO Checkup

Monthly progress is more than important for your SEO website project, and we take it very seriously. We keep track of each milestone according to your SEO package in order to keep improving your website’s SEO. Moreover, SEO monthly plan work includes SEO experts, web developers, and content writers on your website. 

Looking for an increase in ROI with SEO Service for your Website?

If you’re looking to get the maximum benefits from an SEO campaign, then you need an SEO company that can provide SEO management services. Which can earn you the maximum possible return on investment (ROI). Our customized or fixed-price Affordable SEO services monthly Packages for your small to the medium level business website can do that at the best prices. 

At Rozefs Marketing SEO Agency, our SEO experts have designed the perfect combination of transparent deliverables. Which consists of our custom & performance-oriented affordable SEO packages and plans, monthly or annual. Moreover, your business website can see the results of optimizing your site in Google at calculated pricing and time. You can contact us for more information about SEO plans.

SEO Packages plans & Prices details -
Custom seo packages best calculated price, also discounted & affordable pricing for your website-
SEO Pricing Plans | How much SEO typically costs?

Customized SEO Packages at Best Calculated Prices

We design custom monthly, 3 months, 6 months & annual SEO services strategies as well as fixed-price & affordable SEO packages for every business website we partner with. You can check out the package deliverables in our SEO pricing table with the price & cost. It gives you a glimpse at the depth of SEO service that our SEO department provides.  Moreover, Rozefs Marketing offers a custom SEO Package for your website at the best prices. The price depends on the required SEO work and efforts on your website, which we will be discussing in detail to choose the suitable package for your business.  

Optimizing a website for organic search depends on SEO objectives & strategies. Which depends on our SEO agency’s leverages. Each of the SEO techniques helps your business to grow and get ahead of your competitors. Additionally, we specifically design our SEO services & packages to drive maximum results for our clients in terms of keywords. As the more long-tail (buying intent) rank on the top page, the more chances of the conversion it will be having. 

SEO Audit of the Website

An SEO audit for a website serves as the base of your SEO plan. Website Audit helps SEO experts to discover areas of improvement for your SEO strategy. This is the reason our SEO experts start with a technical SEO audit before designing your package.

As a part of your SEO audit, your account manager will look at the following:

  • Your website
  • Current Rankings and position of your site’s keywords 
  • Your Google Search Console (GSC) data
  • You Google Analytics

In order to achieve the best SEO results and insight into your site, our SEO experts use a variety of SEO tools. This helps us to design a clear SEO strategy for business websites. The stronger and specific the SEO strategy is the faster the SEO process will be. Moreover, if you have any questions about WordPress SEO services, you can contact us.

Pricing Plans & Packages of SEO Agency - SEO audit service for blog or eCommerce wordpress websites -

How SEO Management Services can Improve the Online Presence of your Website on Google?

SEO is one of the top online marketing strategies to improve the online presence of your business. The objective is to get more organic traffic, qualified leads & revenue. That’s why SEO services are a crucial part of a successful business, as an affordable advertising strategy with a good price. PPC ads are paid, which means you have to pay a cost per click.

On the other hand, the SEO process is more than just one strategy.

The SEO process is an umbrella term for many smaller strategies. The parts of SEO work together to improve the keyword rankings of your website. Which include On-page optimization and off-page optimization to make your website Google friendly. There are many factors involved in both types of optimization. On the basis of these factors, a website gets Search engine friendly. Then slowly it gets on the top of Google for important keywords of your website. It creates an effective conversion and revenue-generating process for your business website.

Wondering How SEO Services can Help your Business Grow?

SEO is a long-term strategy to grow your business outreach organically on search engines to gain more sales & leads. As the keywords get ranked on the top page, your website will be getting maximum organic/free traffic. 

Contact us for a brief discussion about your business goals, so we could help you align them with your website.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of website optimization to make it Search Engine friendly. This process includes both internal & external optimization of the website. The SEO process has various parts, like keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, etc. The factors of the SEO process help drive qualified organic traffic. As a result, keywords start to get on the top page of the search engines.

A good SEO strategy will help your keywords rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP). Which will get more organic traffic to your website. 

What is SEO Visibility Audit?

The SEO visibility audit is a process of analyzing the current position of your website’s visibility on search engines. Also, a complete SEO audit is the first step to starting the SEO project. Unlike automated SEO audits that give you automated generated data. Our SEO Audit includes a review of factors across key areas of the SEO Process. Our SEO experts review the traffic, technical SEO, user experience (UX), backlinks, and other factors.

After your results are scored and compared to the competition. We use the data to pinpoint what SEO tactics will be most effective. Then we design the SEO strategy to improve your website’s rankings accordingly. Which helps us to further increase the qualified traffic.

How to measure SEO Progress? How soon should you expect results?

The objective of SEO is to make your website friendly to search engines to get better keywords positions. The more quality keywords on the top page, the more increase in organic traffic. More organic traffic to your website means more sales, leads, and conversions. Moreover, you can measure the SEO progress with the following key performance indicators:

  • Number of Organic Sessions
  • Pages Per Session
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Query/Leads
  • Page Load Time

Some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can possibly show results in just a month. However, most take 6 months or more to see results. The progress also depends on the competition and monthly SEO package.

Why Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important For My Business?

SEO for your website is important for your business growth. The better keywords positions it will have the more organic website traffic you will get. More organic traffic on your website means more chances of getting sales & leads. Our SEO services will improve your Organic traffic, which is free traffic at no price. With time your website will get visible with higher rankings. High keyword rankings will make your website visible to your potential clients on search engines. However, it has to be Google-friendly both internally and externally. 

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