Rent a car service websites take the car rental business to the next level. Our client had a website but wasn’t able to get it much of use. Rozefs SEO team started SEO for car rental websites to perform complete on-page and off-page optimization with training SEO tactics.


The client had some missing pages from the beginning as there was only the front page, about us, and contact page only. We created the necessary pages to bring value to viewers and also increase their presence on Google maps. So, we decided to:

  • Analyze Existing SEO status
  • Examine what they were doing, how they were doing it, and where improvements could be made
  • Create new pages accordingly
  • Make changes to design a new SEO strategy to help increase organic traffic, enhance revenue and generate deserving conversions.

SEO Approach for Rent a Car website

Improvement in User Experience

  • In order to optimize the conversion rate and increase page speed, we made minor modifications to the images and color scheme. The aim was to ensure the best user experience and make it more enjoyable for more conversion
  • Make contact easily available to enable clients to contact at their fingertips.
  • Due to the increase of consumers on mobile devices, we completely made this website mobile-friendly. Improvement in user experience on Mobile devices hugely impacted conversion rate. We also made contact numbers, and Whatsapp clickable to make contact more convenient. 

Technical Auditing

  • Indexing important services and cars was a major challenge. New pages took time to get indexed. We prevented every point of duplication to make sure everything is unique
  • Also made sure to add a fresh XML sitemap to robots.txt and submitted to the Google search console

Content Review and Keyword Research

  • We did research on the content of the website duplication and removed everything with duplication issues.
  • Each rent a car service page received new SEO-optimized content, metadata, and unique feature images.
  • Everything was unique to ensure Google-friendliness.

Link Building

  • In order to build good links we created a list of blogs on trending topics to provide users with valuable information. Which enabled us to gain links from our partner websites.
  • We also did internal optimization to target relevant rent a car service page and topics of blogs.
  • Each content was updated as there was some improvement in the progress.
  • Cleared spammy backlinks to make DA healthier and improve the domain authority score.

On-Page Optimization

  • After a comprehensive analysis of each page and car rental page, we identified the best keywords that will help to gain organic traffic and improve the conversion rate. We focused on both long and short-tail keywords. 
  • We worked according to the trending competition on the top page of Google to make sure content, metadata, and feature images are better than theirs. 
  • Looked for backlinks of competitors to check and see the value they are getting from
  • Properly arrange H1, H2, and H3 tags to make sure content is SEO friendly
  • Worked on page speed, as it is a big factor in terms of SEO

Result of SEO for Car Rental Website 

  • The website and Store were clearly visible on Google maps for relevant keywords.
  • There were 314 keywords ranking on page 1 of Google with 89 in the top 3 positions.
  • Overall online conversion rate rose by 412.31%
  • Organic traffic increased by 601% and now the client ranks on the first page of Google.


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