Technical SEO Services

Search engines tend to rank websites higher that offer high quality and user-friendly experience. This means it is essential for today’s business websites to have a strong foundation. This strong foundation is known as technical SEO, as all of the modules are taken care of which affects user experience. Its all about making website compelling with creative content that helps visitors.

At Rozefs Marketing we understand the importance of Technical SEO to lay down a good foundation for a website. In order to achieve maximum SEO growth, our SEO experts get regularly updated with Google’s standards to fulfill each and every requirement.

As key fundamentals meet the requirements, it helps your website rank above your competitors. Moreover, with the affordable SEO services our SEO experts deliver, you can count on us to take your business to the next level.

You can contact us for free SEO consultation for Chicago Technical SEO services to improve local SEO rankings. Also, if your business is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, then you can request an SEO proposal for Cincinnati-specific SEO services

Technical SEO Services

Analytics Analysis & Audit as a part of Technical SEO

Technical SEO Audit

You can easily gain technical insights into your website for further improvements. We offer detailed manual technical SEO audits with the following main checkpoints. 

  • Sitemap
  • Page Speed (Web/Mobile)
  • Overall Website Architecture
  • Internal linking
  • Robots.txt
  • Image optimization
  • Checking Canonical Link Elements
  • Checking Structured Data (aka markup)

Penalty Recovery

Our SEO experts diagnose your website if it is hit by a penalty due to unknown reasons. In most cases, a penalty is due to unnatural SEO practices by your SEO agency. Our experienced team makes sure to recover the reputation and grow your website to the deserving point. 

  • Recover Lost Traffic
  • Recover Dropped Keyword Rankings
  • Preserve Lost Reputation
Penalty Removal as Technical SEO Services
Page Speed Optimization as Technical SEO Service

Speed Optimization

No one wants to wait for your website to load, they just move to your competitor’s website instead, Google also discourages websites with slow speed. Page speed is an important aspect of getting good keyword rankings, Google always rewards websites with good Page Speed. As our SEO experts understand the importance of Page speed, you will get recommendations and steps to achieve maximum performance.

  • Improvement in Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • Decrease Bounce Rates
  • Optimizing HTML Code & CSS

Structured Data Markup

Google is a robot or A.i, it understands a website better with well-structured data markup. Implementation of structured data ( helps search engines to define the content of your website. Our experts utilize structured data markup code (JSON-LD) on websites as technical SEO work. As a result, enhanced search results with properly structured data aid to improve CTR (Click-Through-Rate) for your website. 

  • Optimized Results for your Website on SERP
  • Help Search Engines Understand your Site
  • SERP Features
Structured Data Optimization as Technical SEO Services
Image Compression and Optimization as Technical SEO Services

Image Optimization

Website pages with good visuals always make it attractive and easy to catch the attention of the visitor. In fact, no visitor prefers to view the entire page that consists of only text. Moreover, it is important to have optimized images/visuals for greater user experiences. Our Technical SEO experts optimize your images to have a better user experience and better rankings. 
  • Reduce Loading Speed
  • Better SEO Value
  • Better User Experience

Backlink Analysis

Off-Page Optimization is a vital factor in determining the performance. Our backlinks analysis consists of a complete review of your backlink profile. This analysis report reveals link-building opportunities with a starting point for an effective and better off-page optimization strategy. 


  • Remove Toxic Links
  • Backlinks Opportunities
  • Improved Off-page SEO strategy
Link Building as Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is an important aspect of on-page optimization that can be implemented on the website, server, HTTP headers, XML sitemaps, redirects, metadata, etc. Technical SEO works have a direct or indirect impact on search engine indexing and crawling which affects rankings. 

Additionally, Technical SEO doesn’t include keyword research, analytics, backlink, or any kind of development. 

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