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How PPC Management Service Can Help Your Business Grow?

Rozefs Google Ads Agency’s PPC management services are specifically designed to increase your sales with as effective pricing & budget as possible. Moreover, we achieve this goal with the Google Adword strategies that help us identify the important keywords with less cost and more return.  

Our PPC packages are designed according to the need of your project. If you have a website with fewer products with less amount and competition, then the basic PPC Adword plan would be enough. However, the premium PPC Adword plan is a perfect fit for products with more competition. If you have any kind of confusion about choosing the plan, we’ll create and customize a PPC/ Google Adword plan that suits your needs and goals!

You can check out our pay-per-click (PPC) management pricing table below. You can also each of our PPC service plans and learn more about how paid ads can drive results for your business.


PPC Management Services Pricing Plans:

Basic AdWords Plan


  • Starting from 3-5 Campaigns
  • Up to 50 Ad groups
  • Up to 150-200 Keywords
  • Budget Analysis
  • Tracking Conversions
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Weekly Reports
  • 24/7 Support


Pro AdWords Plan


  • Starting from 8-10 Campaigns
  • Up to 70 Ad groups
  • Up to 450-500 Keywords
  • Budget Analysis
  • Tracking Conversions
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Weekly Reports
  • 24/7 Support


Premium AdWords Plan


  • Starting from 15-20 Campaigns
  • Up to 150 Ad groups
  • Up to 800-1000 Keywords
  • Budget Analysis
  • Tracking Conversions
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Weekly Reports
  • 24/7 Support


What makes our PPC Management Services a Perfect Solution

At Rozefs Marketing, our PPC management services allow you to get the best possible outcome out of your campaigns, our team takes every detail into consideration.

Additionally, we offer custom plans for mid to small-sized businesses. Which allows you to find PPC advertising services that match your goals for the campaign.

We can also design a custom PPC plan by quote as well, so consult us for more information.

What Does our PPC management service include?

When you pick our PPC management services for your website’s ad management solution. You will get to partner with a marketing agency that brings over 5 years of experience in pay-per-click campaign management.

Here is a preview of what our PPC advertising management services include:

  1. You will have a dedicated account representative
  2. Developing PPC strategy according to your business niche, industry, and goals
  3. Researching 400 to 1,000 keywords for your PPC campaign
  4. Targeting Google Search Engine with Both search and display ads
  5. Using our artificial intelligence system to research your competitor ad strategies
  6. We carefully use ad bids strategically to maximize your ROI on ad spendings
  7. Daily monitoring and update account settings to ensure PPC performance
  8. Preparing regular reports to keep your business up-to-date

What makes Rozefs Marketing one of the best PPC management service providers?

At Rozefs Marketing, we’re experts in our profession. We’ve helped manage PPC campaigns of hundreds of clients. Which have driven significant results for their businesses.

Here are a few more reasons which make Rozefs Marketing one of the best options when you’re about to hire a professional PPC management service provider.

Transpicuous pay-per-click management pricing

At Rozefs Google Adwords and ads management agency, we believe in forming a strong relationship with our clients, so, we have to be transparent — and this includes pay-per-click management pricing.

We also want you to know that if our services are a good match for you based on PPC management costs. Also, we want you to understand the breakdown of what’s included with each plan.

This also allows us to have a conversation about the budget and what’s included in each of our plans.

We make your Objectives our Objectives

We consider our clients a family at Rozefs Marketing. Moreover, we also understand that in some cases, our services can make or break a business, and we never take it lightly.

In order to drive the best possible results for your business, we make your objectives our objectives. At Rozefs Google Adwords and ads management agency, we make sure that we implement the best strategies to ensure that your business goes above and beyond.

We save your valuable time

If you’re looking to work with one of the best pay-per-click companies that will fully manage your campaign for you, Rozefs Marketing can help. We don’t just help you create ad copy and disappear, we’ll help you on every step of the PPC process.

Moreover, you’ll receive a dedicated PPC campaign manager that will listen and hear your goals and queries, put together proper planning, and keep you updated with the success of your campaign.

We develop your campaigns, strategy, do advanced keyword research and selection. Also, even conduct an analysis of your niche to make sure that we’re targeting the right people on SERP.

When it comes to your PPC campaign, we have it under control.

We provide Transparent ROI Reports

We have explained previously the importance of analyzing the statistics and results of your ads to make sure that you’re getting as many queries, conversions, and traffic as possible.

There is no need to Worry — We take care of that for you too.

You will be provided analytics reports for your campaigns and ensure that your target keywords are effective at driving results.

We will let you know how your campaign is performing and make suggestions on how to proceed further.

Reliable PPC Management Services Starts Here

The perfect PPC service for your business is the PPC service that will boost CTR and get more conversions.

At Rozefs Google Adwords and ads management agency, we ensure that each PPC campaign is launched and delivered to the right potential clients. Additionally, we also examine the content at every aspect of Google or any ad we help create and distribute. It helps to make sure that you get the lowest possible CPC with the highest possible ROI.

In this age of modern marketing, Google pay per click or any other paid advertising still is still one of the best in most content marketing strategies. We will help you find it.

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