January 2021
SEM service vs SEO service
Google search results are divided into two sections: paid search results and organic search results. The main difference is that the goal of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is to get traffic ad visibility from paid and organic searches. On the other hand, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focuses on optimizing a website to get traffic mainly from organic search results. In this topic...
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seo trends
As you might already know the importance of the positioning of your website’s pages on the top of Google SERPs rankings, right? Well-ranked pages provide organic reach to your website, increasing the possibility of attracting potential leads and conversions. We will share top SEO trends for 2021 that will definitely help you to boost your rankings. In order...
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B2B Content Marketing Analysis
2021 B2B Content Marketing Analysis   We have recently analyzed 600 B2B enterprises to understand the approach of their content marketing. We have specifically looked at the following key marketing approaches that work best in the B2B space:  How many B2B enterprises are having blogs on their website? The type of content/blog they are publishing?  The amount of traffic B2B...
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